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Digital signature solution made for entrepreneurs.

When starting a new business, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. Whether it's the first round of funding, hiring employees, or initial business deals. So instead of complicating things that are already complicated, let us help with the signing process.

Why use the Agrello for signing process?

Easy to use

Digitally signing a document is actually very easy - it can be done with our app or simply through the browser. Creating a digital identity to sign only takes a few minutes.

With one touch, you can sign many files at once.  And once the document is signed, you can instantly send it all over the world.


Our advanced electronic signature works worldwide. Anyone can now sign securely from anywhere. And we know that startup investors are a global bunch.

We support identity verification for 190+ countries for hundreds of different formats ID. With our web app or mobile app, anyone can sign any document in minutes.


What makes electronic signatures trustworthy? Simply put, it's how strongly they are linked to the real person providing the signature.

Although there are differences in local regulations, the principle ultimately remains the same - the stronger the bond between the signer and the electronic signature, the more trustworthy it is.

Essential features to make signing easy

It takes complete focus, boundless energy, and extreme perseverance to succeed with a startup.

Among the many challenges a startup faces, finding investors and getting funded is not the easiest. Convincing investors of your business, chewing through a bunch of legal documents, and finally getting everything signed - this is where we can make your day a little easier by making the signing process simpler for everyone involved.

Multi-file support

Sign multiple files with a digital signature

Drag and drop multiple files of any digital format onto your document to securely sign them all at once.
Support for multiple files
Bundle many files into one document to sign them all at once.
Support for hundreds of formats
No need to spend time converting your cap tables from Excel to PDF just to add them to the main contract. Digital Signature is designed to securely sign any file type.
Share and collaborate
You can add reviewers, approvers and witnesses to the document at any time.
Learn how to create and sign document

One click signature

Sign the document with one click

The easiest way to sign all files within the document is to use our web app. Open the document, and simply click the Sign button. That's it.
Secured authenticity of the document
Each signature is time-stamped and immutably linked to the digital files to which it belongs.
Secured by the identity of the signer
Each signature is uniquely linked to the signer's identity data, which is provided either through the authentication process or by the signer.
Automatic signatures page
We automatically create signature pages based on the signatures given. The signature page is added to the end of the signed document or can be downloaded separately.

Secure cloud storage

All your contracts in one place, secured and backed up

Our secure cloud storage ensures your important documents are always safe and backed up. You can securely share access to documents with your stakeholders. If you want, you can always take a document container with digital signatures and store it in your preferred location.
Cloud storage
Industry standard, highly secure storage for your documents.
Self-sufficient document containers
Industry standard digital signature containers (ASIC formatted) for your local storage and independent signature verification.
Accessible from anywhere
Search your documents from your desktop or with the Agrello signature application, wherever you want.
See how much easier things can be

Secure digital signatures

Immutable advanced electronic signatures

After the signer signs the document, immutable cryptographic links are established between the signer's identity, each signed file, the signing date, and the signing key.

These connections can be validated independently of our service, as all the necessary information is available in ASIC signature containers that you can download at any time.
Learn more about the Agrello signatures

Agrello stands for identity

From the beginning, we have believed that the quality of digital identity is the foundation for any trust service on the Internet.

That's why we created a reusable digital identity - Verified ID - that is created based on the verification of a real person.

Start today!

One is to hear everyone talk about it, the other is to try it yourself. Start bulk signing documents the easy way.
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