Why use the Agrello for signing process?


Sign multiple digital files as a single document in one go. Add as many signers as you like. Add viewers to securely access documents.

If you need to sign dozens of files in a bundle, our technology allows you to sign as many documents as possible with a single digital signature at once.


We provide a clear overview of each signer's document status and signature status. In 5 seconds you have a clear picture of the process.

Our system tracks each document status and arranges them automatically. In addition, you can see the status of each signature. Our digital signature records the exact time the signature was made.


What makes electronic signatures trustworthy? Simply put, it's how strongly they are linked to the real person providing the signature.

Although there are differences in local regulations, the principle ultimately remains the same - the stronger the bond between the signer and the electronic signature, the more trustworthy it is.

Essential features to make your job easier

We know how much energy goes into preparing all the legal documents necessary to successfully close a deal. Once everything is agreed, there is still one last mile to go: getting all the signatures on all the documents.

This is where we can help. We are specifically designed to handle complex signature processes with dozens of signatories and countless documents to be signed.

Process overview

5 seconds to have a complete overview of your document portfolio

See at a glance which documents are still in draft, which are waiting for signatures and which are already signed.
Automatic process monitoring
We help you sort documents according to their status.
Fast updates
You receive the notifications when users have opened the documents or signed over the email
Status of the document
Check the status of each signer within the document.

Multi-file support

Changes allowed until the last minute

We know very well that the changes to the document can happen at the last minute before signing. That is why we give you the opportunity to update the documents until the first signature.
Upload new versions on the go
You can prepare the drafts and set up all the participants, but you can still change the files to be signed until the last minute. Convert participants to signers as soon as everything is ready to sign.
Share and collaborate
You can add approvers and witnesses to the document at any time.
Learn how to keep everyone in the loop

Nested signature containers

Simple signature escrow

Pre-gather signatures in parallel with the contract negotiation process as a separate document and add it to the final document bundle later. This way, you can save a lot of time when signing the contract.

Advanced file operations

Save hours from tedious work on each case

File conversions, adding signers, preparing invitation emails, scanning, copy-pasting.

All this should now be a thing of the past and you can focus on what really matters - the content of the agreements.
See how much easier things can be

Secure digital signatures

Immutable advanced electronic signatures

After the signer signs the document, immutable cryptographic links are established between the signer's identity, each signed file, the signing date, and the signing key.

These connections can be validated independently of our service, as all the necessary information is available in ASIC signature containers that you can download at any time.

Learn more about our signatures

Agrello stands for digital identity

From the beginning, we have believed that the quality of digital identity is the foundation of any trust service on the Internet.

That's why we created a reusable digital identity - Verified ID - that is created based on the verification of a real person.

Take control today!

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