Agrello integrations

How do I install .ID for Google Docs?
.ID for Google Docs is available on the GSuite marketplace and anyone can install it for free like any other Google Docs add-on.
How to log in to connect .ID platform and .ID for Google Docs
After you have installed .ID for Google Docs, your next step is to connect add-on with your personal account in .ID platform.
How do I send the document from Google Docs to .ID platform for signing?
After you have connected .ID add-on with your personal account on .ID platform you are all set to send Google document for signing on .ID platform.
Getting started with Agrello for Google Docs
Agrello for Google Docs is a free add-on that connects your Google Docs editor with Agrello digital signatures platform. It allows you to send your Google document to Agrello platform for signing and requesting signatures from other people.