Getting started with Agrello

Creating an account on iOS
You can conveniently use all the functionalities of electronic signing and managing your documents with Agrello iOS app.
Creating a visual signature on iOS
Agrello gives you an opportunity to add your handwritten signature to your digital identity. Visual signature should be created before signing the first document.
What is a PIN code and what do I need it for?
Agrello app is different from many other apps, because essentially it is password-less. However, to keep your signatures safe and digital identity protected, then on mobile apps we ask you to create and remember a PIN-code.
How to use Apple ID with Agrello?
Apple ID allows users to conveniently and securely sign up for various apps. In addition, it allows users to create a privacy shield between the app provider and their true identity. This, however, poses new challenges for the services like Agrello, which relies on the user's true identity for service provision.
Edit digital identity information on mobile apps
Learn how to edit your personal information and visual signature on mobile apps.
Recovery phrase on iOS
The use of recovery phrase originates from crypto wallets and it is essentially a human readable form of your private keys, which is usually displayed as a random 12-word phrase.