Account and subscription help

Upgrading subscription plan on web app
On web app you can subscribe with credit card or using Agrello DLT’s.
Upgrading subscription plan on iOS
iOS users can upgrade their subscription plan conveniently through Apple account.
Upgrading subscription plan on Android app
Android users can conveniently subscribe to Agrello services via Google payments.
How can I delete my account?
Learn how to permanently delete your Agrello account.
Which subscription plan to choose?
Agrello pricing is simple and straightforward. We have three basic plans that would fit your needs.
Identity verification
At Agrello we provide users an opportunity to verify their identity using their government issued documents.
What is Agrello Delta Token (DLT)?
DLT token is designed to be a voucher next to conventional financial methods to use Agrello services.
Recovering Agrello account on mobile apps
Switched the phone? Forgot your PIN-code? Read more about how to recover access to your account.
How can I use DLTs for Agrello services?
Agrello Delta Tokens (DLT) provides a cost-saving alternative to use Agrello premium services.
How to verify my identity?
Identity verification means that we check your government issued ID documents, check their validity and see if they really belong to you. Verify your identity using Agrello mobile application.
Why my identity verification fails?
Verification may fail due to different reasons, here’s a brief overview of most common mistakes in identity verification and tips on how to avoid them.
Detaching devices
When you don’t have the Agrello app anymore, but want to log in to web app, then you can use the detach device option.
How can I store DLT assets?
DLT tokens can be stored in the wallets provided by the exchanges where you bought them or they can be stored in a cryptocurrency/token wallet.
How can I buy DLT?
DLT is a Blockchain-based cryptographic token that can be exchanged for other cryptographic tokens and cryptocurrencies on 3rd party digital asset exchange sites.