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Affordable electronic signature solution for StartUps

A large number of startup founders are reluctant to manage confidential data, such as contracts and cloud agreements. There are so many parties to sign various documents. The .ID solution is committed to creating a highly reliable digital signature network. The .ID application provides easy-to-use features while remaining accessible for all types of startup companies.

Identity-based electronic signatures for startup companies

For small start-ups, the first few years are often full of various obstacles. Every start-up company and small business owner wants to do things right from the start. Keep things organised and under control. It is also difficult to keep track of all the obstacles that start-up companies face.

When it comes to agreements and contracts between founders, lawyers, co-founders, investors, the first workers and the different business partners, keeping all this paperwork under good control is also one of the difficulties facing us. Here's where the digital signature solution .ID comes in to save the day. Right from the beginning.

So many electronic signature providers

In general, there are a lot of companies offering digital signature solutions, and most likely you've heard about a few. All of these solutions seek to achieve the same objective of helping to digitally sign documents and transform paperwork into digital experience.

There are, however, different features, fundamentals and pricing. That's what makes it a bit of a challenge to choose the right one. When you start comparing them then you might find differences in features, complexity, security, signature authenticity and pricing. The .ID electronic signature keeps things simple, removing all unnecessary whistles and bells and focusing on strong and secure digital signatures.

Advanced electronic signature application with flexible pricing

The major difference here is that. Digital  signatures with the .ID is built on the identity of the real individual. Simply put, all parties signing an agreement, a contract or other document in a digital form must actually be checked. Identity checking is part of the validation process. The digital signature ID solution. Identity verification allows the government to release a certificate. The whole procedure happens seamlessly within a few clicks on a smartphone.

Therefore, the parties signing with the .ID are always aware of who the actual person behind the signature is. This makes the .ID an advanced digital signature solution. All that is available at affordable prices. For less frequent signers there is even forever FREE subscription option without any trial period.

Secure and legally binding worldwide

The .ID solution offers a strong identity-based digital seal that is applicable worldwide in more than 195 countries. We believe that by integrating a digital identity with a signature, startup companies can establish a truly universal trust network.

This is essential to cultivating business client relationships while saving the trees and getting rid of all the needless paperwork. You can trust and protect the signing of documents in a digital form. You may sign with peace of mind with the .ID digital signatures.

Sign digitally with peace of mind

Sign, share and store any type of contracts, agreements and files. If you are used to prepare your documents with Google then .ID provides you a Google Docs .ID add-on.

Easy-to-use jet powerful

With .ID app for iOS as well as Android you can access your contracts with a click. As well as signing and sharing documents is made easy from your smartphone. Sign with just a click of your pin code or thumbprint.

Different from all other solutions

The .ID electronic signatures are completely different from all other digital signature providers out there. With identity-based digital signatures, you really know who's behind the signature.

Flexible pricing

There are three different pricing choices. You can try it with a free account within an unlimited period of time. Standard account can cover most of your business needs, and is also the most common option for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses.

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Thousands of people from across the world are already enjoying the benefits of our easy-to-use system. Whether you want to save time, save money, or simply need a secure digital signing solution, choose Agrello.
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