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Identity based digital signatures for Employment contracts

Employment contracts are one of the most frequent contracts out there. The typical way of dealing with employment contracts is to sign with ink on the dotted line of a sheet of paper. For this reason, the"onboarding" of employees is still one of the few administrative activities that are still largely paper-based.

Go beyond paper and sign digitally

Even if contracts or letters of offer are sent by e-mail, recipients still have to print out the documents before signing them and returning them bypost. This is a laborious process that can often take weeks, and it is an administrative in efficiency that is now completely avoidable.

The move to digital contract signing changes the entry process and provides a completely paperless way to manage newcomers. It is faster, easierand more user-friendly than the traditional approach.

Legally valid employment contracts

That is one of the most frequently asked questions. Are digital signatures on employment contracts actually legally valid?

In 2016, the EU adopted the EIDAS law, which removed all ambiguities regarding the legal status of electronic signatures. It provides electronic contracts with the same legal status as the conventional paper-ink contract.The legal effect and admissibility of an electronic signature as evidence in court proceedings may not be denied on the sole grounds that it is in electronic form.

Convenient onboarding

That is true, that mailing documents back and forth take stoo much time. As interviewees live in different parts of the country, the company's work interviews are mainly conducted electronically, e.g. via videos and online meetings. At the end of the process, the selected candidate was invited to the headquarters to sign an employment contract.

It was not worth flying people to the headquarters to sign a contract if they lived at a considerable distance. However, it took a considerable amount of time to send the documents to the organisation by file printing, mail-related waiting, and receiving and processing the documents.

Benefits of the digital signatures

.ID allows the organisation to sign an employment contract on a digital basis. The signature of both the employer and the employee can be collected in minutes on the same day, if necessary. The employee's identity is verified by using a bank card or mobile certificate.

The employment contract signed by both parties is immediately received by both the HR department and the two signatories. Both parties then have their own signed and verifiable agreement.

Remove paper

Removing paper from the process fully changes the way new employees can be handled.

Happy employees

Digital Signature saves both sender and sign time. Signing requiresneither presence at a specific location at a specific time nor delivery of letters by mail.

Avoid GDPR risks

Digital processing of contract details often helps to avoid some of the potential risks associated with the paper process. Signed records that are"lost in the mail" pose a particular risk under the GDPR (General DataProtection Regulation).

Focus on onboarding

More emphasis can be put on delivering a more engaging and friendly on-board experience.

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