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Secure and strong digital signatures for healthcare

Safekeeping and security of patient's data is essential in healthcare industry. The increasing use of digital signatures in the healthcare sector can be attributed to the need for administrative efficiency and better record data management. Laws are passed in countries across the world, mandating the security of digital medical records for patients.

Going paperless with digital signatures

The healthcare sector is traditional and well known for its paper trails. Doctors have shelves full of paper records containing the confidential details of the patients and their respective health data. And that's just the tip of the iceberg – think of registration papers, patient consent forms, discharge reports, invoices, privacy notifications, provider agreements, medical trial applications. It's an endless list.

It is clear how this outdated method will lead to serious problems: delays, damages, high storage and printing costs , and labor costs to handle the method. The digital revolution has made this process much simpler. The document can be digitally signed on any device, and safe cloud storage can automate the process of storage , retrieval and disposal.

Advanced electronic signatures for patient data security

In the traditional healthcare sector, there is a vast amount of paperwork that will be expected to be completed, signed and executed within seconds. Efficient time management and top-notch compliance are some of the main considerations for health professionals and medical facilities that are used on a daily basis to deal with sensitive patient data sharing. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that all appropriate client data are collected precisely.

In the healthcare sector, it is also necessary to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to avoid the need to tamper with patients' confidential records – including the patient's admission form, the provider's agreement, the medical prescription, and so on.

Regulations and compliance of digital signatures

Digital signatures are legally acceptable in most healthcare facilities, with the assessment that the hospitals comply with specific regulations. The digital signature used in the healthcare sector should comply with strict criteria in order to ensure its validity.

Depending on your geographical location in the world, you will most likely be challenged with legislation that directly or indirectly affects how you store records, how you collect signatures, or how you safely transmit patient data. Luckily, digital signatures cover the criteria of the majority legislation.

Remove bottlenecks

There were several bottlenecks in the conventional paper-based process. The patient who has to sign in person. The doctor, who will have to pass the paper on to his administrative staff. Postal facilities, which will have to distribute documents between various providers. Administrative personnel who would scan, store and retrieve records. And if a number of people needed to review or sign a paper, the procedure needed to be repeated.

Not only is this old way of doing things time-intensive, it's subject to errors and data loss. Digitally signed documents can be signed, saved and submitted in minutes, and do not depend on physically moving the document from location to location.

Cost efficient

Digital signature eliminates the issues that result from the accumulation of patient paper documents: purchasing of paper and consumables, repair of printing machinery, purchasing and preservation of file cabinets, and destruction of records.

Save time

Digital signatures minimize the time spent on paper management, which allows more time spent on patients, with more patients every day. Electronic signatures simplify the registration process by coordinating electronic forms requiring a single signature.

Patient data protection

Keeping patient's medical data private and secure is the key. The .ID platform relies solely on the strongest user authentication methods. Yes, these methods are at the same level or even stronger than the banks are using nowadays.


Digital signatures streamline the method of admission and registration of patients. If it decreases waiting time, it increases patient satisfaction. All signed documents are digitally archived and are easily accessible. Recalling a document is simple, speeding up the administration process.

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