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Secure electronic signatures for Education sector

Educational organisations today face a growing demand to handle all the online paperwork, improve service to students and their parents, and comply with regulations. The digital signature solution . ID enables educational organisations to become paperless. The solution is affordable, automates the enrolment process and improves communication between parents, educators and school administrators.

Security and recognition of digital signatures

It is obvious that the Internet and the widespread adoption of mobile technology have created more opportunities for organisations, but also more headaches in terms of information security and confidentiality. The education sector, of course, has not fallen behind and has welcomed these innovations, including digital signatures, with open arms. This can significantly reduce the use of paper, while at the same time complying with various regulations governing its use.

Given the large number of documents and data processed daily by universities and other educational institutions, an appropriate digital signature that provides a high level of security and legal compliance is essential. Educational institutions can easily facilitate the administrative processes of enrolling students from different countries by using a digital signature that complies with rules such as eIDAS. The eIDAS framework enables the recognition of digital signatures in each member country of European Union.

From paper to digital

The truth is that students, parents and teachers are becoming increasingly technology-conscious, and much of their contact takes place online - via mobile phones, tablets and computers. What this means for today's schools and colleges is that students are looking forward to a fully digitized experience when they enter school; from class registration to transfer, parental approval, school applications and student loan applications, etc.

Paperless working methods supported by electronic signature technology allow you to submit and sign important study documents in seconds. The introduction of electronic signatures in the education sector will also ensure efficient monitoring of application forms. If no forms or documents have been signed, the e-signature service can automatically notify parents and students of the need to sign.

Trust between the institution and the student

With e-signatures, confidential educational documents can be presented to guardians in a secure manner. Digitally signed documents using the . ID digital signature solution allow users to verify the identity of the signer and the date on which the signature was made. In addition, sending a signature document electronically rather than by mail or fax reduces the risk of it being lost or tampered with.

With the . ID advanced digital signature solution, users are able to capture details of a signature, such as who signed the document when and where. The digital signature . ID requires each party to be verified with a valid document issued by the government. It is therefore always clear who the real person behind the signature is.

Automated document management

Educational institutions are mainly dependent on applications from students. Usually they have application portals for this process, but the signing process is very difficult. The administration and students have to print, sign, review and submit forms, which is a time-consuming process. The application and approval procedures are difficult because both have to be signed in wet ink. In this way, the application process slows down the entire process.

Monitoring the application forms will be easier than before, as everyone will know the person who has not signed the documents so far. Overall, the introduction of digital signatures would increase the speed and visibility of the application process.

Security first

The information in the databases of educational institutions includes student and personnel data as well as other important documents that need to be protected against theft. Electronic signature solutions enable institutions to share important documents with parents when needed.

Paperless management

In particular, the online digital signature system helps educational institutions to save the costs of paper, postage, storage and archiving of each individual document. The .ID solution brings speed and visibility while streamlining the entire process, benefiting all parties involved in the process.

Reduce costs

Electronic signatures significantly reduce the resources, time and cost associated with traditional paper and ink signatures. When you start using electronic signatures in your school or university, it increases document security and reduces paperwork.

Support mobile

Nowadays, it is no longer enough just to be online; it is important to be fully mobile. A very high percentage of students and parents have smartphones; the majority use them as their primary communication devices. Sign any file or document with .ID using your fingerprint.

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