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Strong digital signatures for personal use

How often do you have to sign documents and go somewhere to do so? For example, sign a document in the bank. Or you have to sign papers when renting a car. Signatures also occur at school, at work, in hotels while checking. The list goes on and on. We sign documents more often than we think we do. Now imagine that you do it all with your smartphone in your pocket, remotely.

Digital signing as part of everyday life

Every now and then, we all need to sign a document or file. This does not happen every day, not even every month, but a few times a year. Digital signing is not just some fancy tool for businesses, but it has quietly entered the daily lives of every ordinary person. Many digital signature services have emerged today, and their use is expanding day by day.

It is only a matter of time before the parties no longer need to meet just to sign these paper documents, often each page separately. The traditional paper economy is disappearing, making transactions faster and more secure. Just as we confirm our user identity online at the touch of a button, that is how we digitally confirm transactions with digital signatures.

Signing employment contracts

The ways and practices of signing employment contracts are fundamentally similar in different countries, but there may be differences. In a globalising world, outsourcing has become popular, which is why there has been a need for distance signing. This is well solved with digital signatures, which have become a common use in work culture today.

> Less paperwork
> Prevents exhausting email exchanges
> Possibility to sign remotely
> Legally binding worldwide

Signing lease and rent agreements

Most of us has been in that period of life where one has rented an apartment. Not everyone can afford to buy their own flat. Leasing an apartment is very common. Digital signatures is the perfect solution to sign and update lease contracts for both parties. With .ID you will always know exactly who is behind the signature, because .ID digital signature is based on true verified identity. Same with everything else, bike rentals, car rentals. Go digital.

> Easily keep lease and rent contracts up to date
> All contracts stored in one place
> Secure and legally binding
> Always know who is the person behind the signature

Sign agreements with friends and acquaintances

How many times in your life have you made an agreement about something with your good friend or acquaintance? For example, you lend him some amount of money, with an agreement that he will return it next month. Or, perhaps, you make an agreement about something else where it is important to abide by the agreement. And then it turns out that the same friend is starting having troubles, things turn south between two of you and the friendship is over.

It is perfectly reasonable to simply formalise agreements on written form in order to show mutual respect for the agreement. You could scribble a simple agreement between two of you in Google Docs and sign it with .ID add-on. With a digital signature solution, signing is extremely easy. Introduce such a solution to your friend next time, show respect and professionalism. With such a contract, you always have confidence if things should go sour.

No more papers

Bring your paperwork into digital form. Same way as you store your files to Dropbox or Google Drive, store also your contracts in digital form. Save trees and change your habits.

Strong security

.ID digital signature platform is built upon strong and secure foundation. Your digital identity is safe with us and your digital signatures are always in a secure place.

Peace of mind

In any occasion where you think if you should sign a contract with another party or not. Always do. Keep your mind in peace and get your life organised.


Show your professional attitude to others by proposing signing an agreement or contract if it is needed. Other parties will respect you for that. And most importantly, go digital, forget signing paper.

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