Make contracts work for your business

Reduce business costs and speed up agreement signing workflows, using our fast and secure contract system.


Streamline KYC, boost user onboarding, increase security, and simplify access to your service.


Formalize and sign agreements with a few clicks. No paperwork, no physical mail - completely secure, immutable, and legally binding.


Digitize and secure your contracts with state of the art blockchain technology. Monitor your contract’s state, automate obligations and payments and reduce legal expenses.


Agrello offers a full service package, providing everything needed to render your crowdfunding project safe, compliant, and trusted. Know-Your-Customer, gather statistics, and run a legally sound campaign without placing unnecessary burdens on your clients.

Financial Services

Agrello provides KYC and digital signature services, tailor made for highly regulated industries such as the financial service industry. Identify your customer, formalize agreements, and sign them online in seconds - considerably reducing labor costs and overhead.


Use Δ-Contracts to automate legal & business processes. Rationalize and reallocate HR automatically, while considerably reducing administerial costs.

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