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Whether you just need to sign digital docs from time to time or need to manage your entire company’s legal documentation, we are here to help.

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All too often, new tools often require new skills and training.

Not the case with Agrello. Just use your favorite tool and upload ready-to-be-signed documents to Agrello. Once all the signers and viewers have been added, we'll take care of the rest.

We will keep you posted on the signing process so you can focus on other things in the meantime!

Be on top of your game

Sometimes it takes more time to collect all necessary signatures.

Agrello's document dashboard is designed to give you clear and instant feedback on which deals need a little push and which ones are successfully completed.

You should really look into what you’ll be doing with all that extra time on your hands!

Hone your superpowers

Tired of doing repetitive tasks?

We’re doing everything in our power to help you remove some of those pesky, repetitive tasks.

Templates for recurring contracts, collecting missing data through forms, and even automating the full signature process by connecting your CRM and other tools - these are just some of the features that allow you to focus on more pressing matters.

Remove redundant activities

On the Agrello platform, you can create a large number of documents simultaneously.

Bulk creation is a functionality that allows you to automatically create tens or even hundreds of documents. Using a contract base with fillable fields and data entered into Microsoft Excel, you can automatically create documents and pre-fill them. This significantly reduces the time spent on creating repetitive documents.

Never miss a deadline

Add reminders to yourself so you don’t miss any deadlines.

If you wish, you can add reminders to your documents that notify you on a certain date if the document has not been signed yet. This way you can remind the signers separately.

Reminders are also useful for contracts that need to be updated or reviewed from time to time.

Collaborate securely

Emailing sensitive documents back and forth represents a serious security risk.

Agrello’s ecosystem is designed for secure collaborations. Invite your partners, upload drafts, review and sign documents together with your partners while knowing that your work is safe at all times.

Legally binding all the way

The world of digital signatures is growing more complex day by day.

Thankfully, you can use your national e-ID or Agrello’s internationally recognised advanced electronic signature (AdES).

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