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Get all your contracts under control with Agrello - the all-in-one contract creation, signing, and management platform.

Streamline your contract management process, increase productivity, and eliminate the risks of messy contract management
Use Agrello on desktop and mobile
template with multiple variables that can be used over and over again

Create contracts easily

Creating contracts has never been easier. Simply upload your document, add signers, and send for signing in just a few clicks. With our bulk-creation feature, creating multiple contracts from the same template is faster than ever before. Plus, using templates empowers your colleagues to work with proofread and legally correct contracts with no effort.


• Effortless contract creation from templates.
• Centrally managed reusable templates with fillable fields for the whole team to use.
• Bulk actions to create and send out multiple contracts at once.
• Send for signing with just one click.

Sign securely

Agrello makes signing contracts easy and monitorable for all parties, even with a large number of signatories. Review and sign contracts on any device for faster document signing.

Our platform includes a built-in advanced electronic signature feature, as well as Qualified Electronic Signatures provided by national e-IDs.


• Easy to monitor signing process, with reminders and status overview.
• eIDAS compliant and secure.
• Support for national e-IDs (currently Mobile-ID and Smart-ID in the Baltics and Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Belgian and Croatian ID cards but we keep on adding).

The Agrello user interface displays the ability for an individual to receive notifications regarding the status of their contract.
Employment contracts and related activities comprise a large part of the HR department's daily work.

Manage documents with confidence

Agrello's company workspace serves as a contract hub, allowing invited members to create and edit content in shared folders of contracts, document templates, and team members.

Use folders to share specific documents and templates with colleagues, with the built-in Kanban board for monitoring the signing process. All contracts are stored in secure cloud. You can also set reminders for future activities and responsibilities arising from contracts.


• Clear overview with Kanban board view.
• Reminders for further obligations and deadlines.
• Safely stored and always accessible contracts.
• Overview and access to the contracts for all team members.

Automate with powerful integrations

Agrello's Zapier integration enables you to automate your document flow by connecting to hundreds of other tools. With Zapier, you can create automations yourself without writing a single line of code.


• Thousands of apps ready to be connected with Agrello.
• No more tool fatigue, less time spent switching between different tools.
• More efficient contracting process.

Agrello Zapier integration

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Harry Käsk