Case Study: How Agrello saved a week's worth of manual work for Smarten Logistics HR department?

AS Smarten Logistics is the largest Estonian capital-based third-party logistics (3PL) service provider. It's a company with a long history, founded 30 years ago and currently employing more than 300 people. With such a volume of employees, employment contracts are frequently concluded and renewed, and it's not practical to do it all manually. A solution to several challenges related to contracts was found through the Agrello platform, which has been actively used since December 2022. We spoke with the Human Resources Director at Smarten, Mari-Liis Kreem, about the use and implementation of Agrello.

 Agrello helped Smarten Logistics HR department save a week of manual work by automating their processes. Learn how Agrello's technology made this possible.

The challenge

Due to the nature of warehouse work, there is often a high turnover of personnel in logistics, so preparing employment contracts is a daily task in the department HR. In the summer, when it's peak sales season, Smarten has to hire additional workers, and the main concern was that preparing all the employment contracts took too much time.

Another problem with this volume of contracts was emailing documents back and forth and monitoring their status at the same time. There was no clear overview of which contract had been signed by whom and which documents were taking time to get signed. It also took a lot of time to organize the contracts and store them in the right folders.

In addition, since all the employment contracts were signed in different years, but the amendments to the Employment Contracts Act had to be updated for all 300 contracts at once, it was important to find a practical solution to this problem and save the HR department's time.

The solution

Today, Smarten Logistics uses the functionality of Agrello's reusable templates to create and sign new employment contracts on an ongoing basis. Since the company has several versions of employment contracts, 6-7 different contract templates have been uploaded to Agrello. Two HR specialists prepare the employment contracts and the HR Director signs them.

The Agrello platform dashboard view provides an instant and clear overview of the entire process and the status of the contracts. No more e-mailing documents back and forth, manually tracking signatures, and wasting time saving them to the right folders. In Agrello, contracts are divided into folders by contract type and are easy for everyone to find. The entire HR department is on the same page and can get their work done faster.

The functionality of bulk creation of documents is especially useful when a large number of contracts need to be renewed at the same time - just like Smarten's project-based renewal of all employment contracts. Since they used bilingual contract bases for that, then these required a bit of setup and testing in advance to make sure all the fields were in place. Still the time required to test doesn't compare to manually preparing 300 contracts.

‍Once the initial data is correct and available in Excel, further contract creation is incredibly quick and easy,” said HR Director Mari-Liis Kreem.

All in all, Smarten is very satisfied with the use of Agrello. In particular, it simplifies the creation of standard contracts. Signing is also convenient and the overview of all documents is simple and clear. Mari-Liis didn't even want to imagine the mass updating of documents without the help of Agrello, because preparing this amount of contracts would mean that the whole HR department has to sit behind their computers and doing frustrating manual work for a whole week or so.

An image depicting the Smarten Logistics transport hub operating smoothly thanks to Agrello product.



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