Digital contract solution for sales professionals

Sales professionals' workdays are already overloaded with lead generation and client meetings. There’s no time to deal with time-consuming paperwork.

This is your chance to cut down on old-fashioned contracting practices, take control of your contract signing process and close deals faster.
Create reusable templates
Save time by creating templates for your frequently used sales proposals and contracts.
Have a clear overview
Keep an eye on your sales documents and their signing status at all times with Agrello dashboard.
Speed up the signing process
Cut down the time it takes to close deals by getting documents signed faster than ever.
Securely store sensitive data
Don’t worry about your documents, everything is conveniently stored in the secure cloud.

Shorten the sales cycle with improved workflows

Discover Agrello templates

Consider a typical sales cycle: after discussions with the buyer, the sales team enters the deal value, tenure, and other key details into sales document. This consumes a lot of time and effort.

With Agrello you can create document templates with dynamic fields that speed up your contract process remarkably. That way you no longer have to manually duplicate a Word document to enter the data into a new contract. This minimizes the risk of human error.

Your client will also receive the created contract immediately, and all parties can sign the agreement digitally with a much shorter turnaround time.

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Level up - integrate with your tools

Sales reps often juggle multiple deals at once. Having to collect data and prepare documents for each deal can be overwhelming.

Thus, it's smart to use the data you have already collected. Agrello lets you automate your workflows with Zapier integrations to your own CRM platform like Pipedrive or tools like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Dropbox etc.

You can also use your existing, pre-approved templates with fillable fields on Agrello platform and get them filled in automatically with data from your own system.

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Benefits for sales professionals

Agrello digital contract solution is designed to reduce the workload of sales professionals by simplifying the contract preparation process and making it less time-consuming.

It’s really a simple calculation: better workflows equal more time to find new sales prospects.

You can skip the annoying tasks and focus on closing more deals!

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Connect with your favorite tools

Here are some examples of how you could save valuable time on automating your contract signing process by connecting your favorite tools to Agrello.
Connect with Pipedrive
Automate your signing process with the popular sales tool Pipedrive.
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Connect with Google Drive
Simplify contract preparation and contract storing with Google Drive automation.
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Connect with Sheets
Automate contract preparation
with Google Sheets and
save time.
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See how Agrello can benefit other industries

Every business has its own challenges when it comes to the digital signing process and contract management. Thanks to its versatile architecture, Agrello can be used in all kinds of industries.
Automate Sales contracts
Learn how your sales team can benefit from Agrello by automating the signing process.
Automate HR contracts
Discover how your HR team can simplify the signing of hundreds of employment contracts.
Automate Legal contracts
Create simple automation to save time and avoid manual document preparation.

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