Automate your sales contracts

Contract signing automation with Agrello will help your business save time and money by simplifying old-fashioned contracting practices. Improve your sales efficiency, increase your sales productivity, and take control of your contract signing process.
Better efficiency

Manual labor is for fools. We live in a digital age with so many options.

Any team in your organization can use Agrello platform to sign multiple contracts within minutes and with minimal effort.

Contract automation is designed to make paperwork simpler and less time-consuming. This means solving the handling and processing of a large number of contracts to support the growing business by taking away frustrating manual work.
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All sales contracts are kept in one place

Contracts can be tracked, signed and organized in one place.

With easy contract preparation process, you can eliminate mistakes and save time.

Signing process automations can save up to 1.5 hours per contract.

Ways to improve your workflow

Automated workflow

Consider a typical sales agreement. Following discussions with the buyer, the sales team can enter the deal value, deal tenure, and other key details into the Agrello contract automation platform and easily generate the contracts.

Contract automation allows you to use your existing, pre-approved templates. You no longer have to manually duplicate a Word document, enter the data, and try to re-align all the lines in order. That means fewer follow-ups with the legal team and a faster process.

Your client receives the created contract immediately, and all parties can sign the agreement faster.

Integrations with CRM tools

Automation speeds up the manual process of contract preparation allowing your sales team to gain complete control of your contracts without investing additional time or resources.

Integration with Zapier lets you automate workflows with your own CRM platform like Pipedrive or tools like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Dropbox etc. Create reusable templates with fillable fields on Agrello platform and get them filled in automatically with data from your own system.

Benefits for sales teams

Improved workflow:

- automated contract creation
- less follow-ups with other teams
- better overview of the signing process

With improved workflow you spend less time on contract preparation and close deals faster.

Automate with your favorite tools

Here are some examples of how you could save valuable time on automating your contract signing process by connecting your favorite tools to Agrello.
Connect with Pipedrive
Automate your signing process with the popular sales tool Pipedrive.
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Connect with Google Drive
Simplify contract preparation and contract storing with Google Drive automation.
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Connect with Sheets
Automate contract preparation
with Google Sheets and
save time.
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Contract signing automation is suitable for everyone

Every business has its own challenges when it comes to digital signing process and contract management. Agrello contract automation and e-signing platform can be used in various industries.
Automate Sales contracts
Learn how your sales team can benefit from Agrello by automating the signing process.
Automate HR contracts
Find out how your HR team can simplify the signing of hundreds of employment contracts.
Automate Legal contracts
Create simple automations to save time and avoid manual document preparation.

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