December 2, 2022

A busy November full of conferences

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A busy November full of conferences

The end of the year is approaching fast, but just before the holiday mood takes over, Agrello team attended multiple meetings throughout November. The events were both domestic and international for us, taking place in Estonia, Finland and UK. Here’s a brief of what we learned and discovered.

A day at the Zoo

The first event in November was a conference aimed at office managers, held at Tallinn Zoo. The conference was organised by the leading business news publication in Estonia - Äripäev. Agrello was present with a booth and also had a presentation on the agenda. CEO, Toomas Pihl, and Head of Sales Development, Harry Käsk, took the stage with their awesome presentation about Agrello customer success stories. Since the focus group was office managers and secretaries, the main topic was document management and the different automated workflows with Agrello that help save time.

Toomas Pihl and Harry Käsk talking about digital signing
Toomas Pihl and Harry Käsk answering questions bout digital signing
Toomas Pihl and Harry Käsk , Paula Sepp at Agrello booth

Slush in Helsinki

Slush is the most founder-focused event for startups and is held annually in Helsinki. Slush 2022 brought together 4,600 startup founders and operators, accompanied by 2,600 investors representing $1 trillion in assets under management. Harry, Toomas and our newest member, Laura Findley, attended the event.

After a short ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland, the team arrived in Helsinki bright and early on Thursday morning, ready for two days of talks and networking.

There were many interesting speakers to listen to on a variety of topics including being a founder, scaling businesses and sales.

For networking, there were a lot of booths where you could see what startups from all over the world are creating and doing. This was really cool to see and also think about how Agrello could help some of those startups with our contract platform. The team attended quite a few meetings that were set up in advance through the Slush matchmaking platform. This was one of the highlights of the event, as it allowed the team to do targeted networking based on the other party's interests. And it even led to some ad-hoc networking - Harry was looking for one of his meetings and struck up a conversation with someone who was doing the same!

Overall, Slush was an amazing event as always and it was great for the team to meet so many others from the startup community around the world.

Slush and Agrello
Slush event

LegalEx and B2B Sales and Marketing Expo in the UK

The last event in November took Toomas and Laura to London to attend a legal tech event called LegalEx.

There, they met many different companies in the legal field, such as verification and KYC platforms, legal practice management software providers, and of course law firms. There were also some interesting presentations on topics such as AML/KYC and the digitization of law firms. Overall, it was great to see how Agrello can fit into the UK legal landscape in different ways and that digitization is a hot topic for lawyers these days.

Toomas and Laura also managed to stop by the B2B Sales and Marketing Expo. There were a lot of companies promoting various services, such as analytics tools for marketing, email marketing tools, and CRMs. Of course, they had to stop by Pipedrive’s booth to say hello to their team!

The talks were focused on topics like SEO, analytics and using influencers for marketing. It was great to see what's happening in the industry and get some tips for our marketing strategies.

B2B Marketing Expo and Agrello

It’s always awesome to attend well-organised events with good quality speakers. Finding out what others at the same sphere are doing is insightful and the ability to network and make new contacts can lead to great things. Overall, we gathered a lot of inspiration and our team is looking forward to what the 2023 events bring.


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