October 24, 2023

Agrello now supports Swedish BankID

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Agrello now supports Swedish BankID

Our new update strengthens our commitment to offering secure signing methods and user-friendly tools. We're thrilled to unveil the newest features we've added to the Agrello platform. These are:

  • Swedish BankID Signing
  • Document comments
  • Required QES toggle
  • New document actions

Let’s dive right in!

1. Support for Swedish BankID Signing

We’ve added a new signing method: Swedish BankID.

Recognized as the most trusted identity provider in Sweden, BankID ensures that your e-signatures are not only legally binding but also secured with the highest standards.

Security and ease of use are two key pillars of Agrello. With the introduction of support for Swedish BankID, we're reinforcing both.

Whether you're a business in Sweden or dealing with Swedish partners, this integration offers an added layer of trust and convenience.

2. Introducing Document Comments

With the new document commenting feature, Agrello streamlines your review process. Now, you can easily invite your contract counterparty to peruse and comment on the contract even before you initiate the signing process.

What's more? Our in-built Word document editor lets you make real-time modifications, ensuring that you have a polished contract ready for signatures.

Review your contracts before sending them for signing using Agrello's built-in commenting feature

3. Emphasizing Security with Required Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

There are scenarios where legal frameworks necessitate the use of Qualified Electronic Signatures. Keeping compliance and security at its core, Agrello now allows you to specify that a document must be signed only with QES. This ensures not just the authenticity of the signer but also the integrity of the document, meeting the highest legal standards.

Request Qualified Electronic Signatures

4. Enhanced Document Management with New Actions

We’ve also introduced three new document-related actions:

  • Download Original File: Retrieve the original file you used to establish a contract. Whether it's a Word file or any other format, you can effortlessly access it for future reference or to draft new contracts.
  • Make a Copy: Need to replicate an existing document? With a single click, you can now create a copy and expedite the process of drafting a new contract based on existing content.
  • Make a Template: Efficiency gets a new name with this feature. Transform any document into a template, and reuse it to save time and ensure consistency across all your contracts.

Our goal is to make contract creation and management as seamless as possible. With these newest features we hope to make contract management simpler, secure, and more collaborative.

We're always keen on feedback, so do let us know how these updates enhance your Agrello experience. Here's to smarter and safer contract management!

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