April 6, 2023

Product update: Streamlining collaboration for growing teams

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Product update: Streamlining collaboration for growing teams

Redesigning Agrello Platform for Larger Team Collaboration

As businesses grow, the need for efficient collaboration and document organization becomes increasingly critical. To meet this demand, we've made significant enhancements to the Agrello platform to better support teams.

Agrello Workspaces

Agrello Workspaces is our new easy-to-use team management and company billing solution. It allows team members to easily collaborate, share resources like templates, and manage access rights. This new feature streamlines team onboarding and platform usability, making Agrello an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

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Improved Document Organization

To improve the platform's document organization capabilities, we've introduced multi-level folders, allowing users to create a logical hierarchy for their documents. This feature makes it easier to find documents and manage access rights based on company structure, saving users valuable time and effort.

Our new sub-folder feature allows users to create up to three levels of folders, offering a more organized and logical structure for documents. This feature is designed to accommodate companies with up to 300 employees, catering to various organizational structures.

Other new features and updates

In addition to supporting larger team collaboration and improved document organization, we've introduced several new features and updates to enhance the overall user experience:

Bulk Move Documents

The bulk move feature enables editors to quickly move multiple documents from one folder to another, streamlining document organization and management.

Recent Document Reminders

We've added recent document reminders to the user home page, making it easier for users to keep track of their most recent documents.

Agrello webapp dashboard showing invitation to sign documents

Updated Zapier Integration

Our updated Zapier integration simplifies the process of connecting Agrello to thousands of other apps, enabling seamless integration with your existing workflow.

Public API Update

Our public API update allows developers to connect their applications to the Agrello platform, further expanding integration possibilities.

ID-card Support

Users can now sign documents securely using their national ID cards, adding an extra layer of security to the signing process.

PDF Signature Handling Updates

We've improved our PDF signature handling capabilities, allowing users to import signed documents and countersign them while keeping digital signatures intact.


These product updates and enhancements make the Agrello platform an even more powerful tool for companies of all sizes. Our focus on supporting larger team collaboration and improved document organization, coupled with new features and updates, ensures that Agrello remains the go-to solution for contract signing and management. We're excited to continue evolving our platform to better serve your needs and help your business.

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