Agrello web app 3.2 brings Spaces
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Agrello web app 3.2 brings Spaces

Agrello's mission is to simplify complex signing processes. Over the past few months, we've introduced a simpler onboarding and signing process. Today, we introduced Spaces, which makes organizing your signing documents even easier.
Jarmo Tuisk
Jarmo Tuisk
Head of Product and Business Development
June 8, 2021

In short, Spaces is a way to group documents. You may want to group your documents by types of deals, client names, or even dates. And sometimes the same document needs to belong to two or more groups. That's what Spaces is all about - giving you a better overview of all your documents.

Here, there and everywhere

A document can belong to multiple Spaces. That's the main difference between our Space concept and any folder-based system you'll find in any cloud-based document management solution.

Why this is important?

Imagine the case of a typical sales contract. Even this simple document can belong to multiple Spaces: It belongs to the "Sales Contracts" Space, but also to the "Customer X" Space. Additionally, you can even add it to the "All 2021 Contracts" Space.

As you can see, there are many ways you can arrange the documents. You can add and remove Spaces from the document at any time.

Introducing Spaces does not affect your personal relationship with a document. So if you are a signer or viewer of a document, you will continue to see all of them under your My Documents Space.

It is also important to note that other people will not see how you have organized the document and to which Space the document belongs.

Space to see your progress

If you have a complex business deal with multiple documents to sign, you can use Spaces to keep track of all business deal related documents and their signing status.

Each Space has a built-in KANBAN-like board that divides documents into Drafts, In Progress, and Signed based on their signing status. All you need to do is create a Space to group the documents and see how they are progressing.

This way, you can see where your signing process stands in seconds.

Together with secure and legally binding e-signatures, these contract management features will hopefully make your daily work much easier - you can be more productive and spend less time trying to find the right contracts or having an overview of where the signing process stands.

Happy signing!

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