Agrello web app 3.3:  Data-rich digital signatures
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Agrello web app 3.3: Data-rich digital signatures

Today we released a new important feature in the Agrello app that allows you to add rich data to your digital signature. When inviting someone to sign a document you can now specify the role she or he has in regards to this document, a company she or he is representing, the job title, and so on. All of that information becomes an immutable part of the digital signature given.
Jarmo Tuisk
Jarmo Tuisk
Head of Product
August 6, 2021

I’m a father of 3 kids. I’m also a member of the board of our housing collective. Here, in Agrello, I work as a Head of Product. These are just a few roles I carry day-by-day. And in each of those roles, I need to sign documents occasionally. Sometimes as a parent, sometimes as a board member, and sometimes as an employee. Now, thanks to Agrello’s enriched signatures feature, I can confidently specify which of those roles I fulfill in that specific document or who I represent with my signature.

How to add meta-data to your signature?

If you are a document editor and invite someone to sign a document, simply add a signer email and click on a small 'i' icon right next to the user name.

This opens a new dialog where you can specify the signer designation, company name, job title, and even add additional info that you need to store with the signature.

As a signer, you can also specify that same data. Again, simply click on the 'i' icon behind your own name and you can easily update the data about yourself.

It’s as simple as that.

Sign like a boss

Digital signing, sometimes called e-signing or online signing is booming. The global pandemic has significantly increased the uptake of signing business documents online. People are nowadays closing the deals right after the video call is made, in a matter of hours.  But perhaps we can help you to close the deal in a matter of minutes with legally binding signatures?

We researched a lot of e-signing software in order to understand how we can make that process even faster and smoother.

We have discovered that a lot of time can be saved if the signature page itself is automatically created by the e-signing software. We measured it carefully and saw that when you prepare the document the old way - upload the file and start dragging signature fields, title fields, etc. to the right place, you are spending 5x more time compared to our solution.

We researched many different document signature pages and came up with the most universal one. Now, signing digitally can be as simple as sending someone the email, and yet it is fully compliant. Upload the contract file to Agrello, and we automatically add the signature page that contains the signer information and their signature.

Keeping signatures safe and secure

Once you have signed a document, the signature, its meta-data, the files signed are combined into a unique digital fingerprint that proves the authenticity of that specific combination. The complex algorithms create a series of “hashes” from each item and then summarize all of those together.

These hashes cannot be faked. They can be recreated if all the pieces fall back together as during the signing of the document. This way, we make sure your signature stays safe, secure, and authentic.

Our goal is to make the e-signing process simple and secure. We want to help you to make the best agreements to protect your interests and let your business fly. Adding the meta-data to the signatures, creating automatic signature pages is one of the many steps in that direction.

You should try it out right now! 🥳

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