November 4, 2022

Contract collaboration for teams

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Contract collaboration for teams

Effective collaboration between all stakeholders is key to a smooth contracting process. In any company, there are usually several employees involved with contracts and therefore a contract management tool is expected to provide convenient ways of collaboration. Agrello's most important collaboration feature is called team spaces, which practically means a digital workspace where your team can work together on documents and contracts. With the latest update team spaces now include shared space templates.

Read more about the updates and how your team can benefit from them in this article.

A convenient team workspace

The most time-consuming part before signing a contract is the preparation. That's why it's important to make sure your team is on the same page. By inviting all colleagues involved in contract preparation to your Agrello team space, you can ensure that everyone has access to shared templates and an overview of relevant contracts.

A space member can be an editor who can upload templates, use them to create contracts, and send them for signing. Spaces can also have members with viewer rights - these can be your business partners or team members who do not need to prepare contracts, but need to have an overview. Agrello's team spaces are designed to help you organise all your important documents.

Therefore, there are no limits to the number of spaces you can create, and you can decide on what basis you want to sort the documents or who you want to invite to collaborate. Typically, documents are sorted by topic or project, e.g. employment related documents or NDAs belong to one space.

Shared contract templates for your team

Earlier this year we introduced Agrello templates, meaning that you can transform your most commonly used contract templates into reusable and fillable templates by uploading them to Agrello. This feature has been very well received, because it's a convenient way to avoid mistakes and save a lot of time from contract creation. Since collaboration is key, the latest Agrello update brings templates under team spaces and we refer to them as space templates.

One or more members of your team space can prepare and upload templates to the space. Afterwards every member of the space with editor rights can use that template to create new contracts. For example, the templates can be prepared by your team's lawyer or legal assistant, and later the sales team can proceed with contract creation without getting further help from a lawyer, thus saving time for everyone.

From time-to-time many contracts may have to be renewed at once. For this use-case Agrello has a bulk creation functionality, which enables the creation of multiple documents at once onto the same template. Now that spaces templates are live, it’s also possible to execute bulk creation under a team space.

Having a designated place to store important templates and the ability to instantly create contracts from them saves a lot of time, as it’s no longer necessary to look through different folders to find the right contract template. The bigger the company, the more employees tend to change and rotate. Storing everything on Agrello team space helps to protect your team from losing certain contracts or spending too much time on training new employees and thus making the contract signing process slower.

Create document template

Overview of contracts

It’s important to get contracts signed on time, thus seeing the contracts by their signing status gives the whole team an overview of which contracts are already signed and which need a little nudge.

Agrello has a comprehensive dashboard view in your personal "My Documents" view as well as in the team space view, where all documents can be sorted by status into three tabs and you can track their movement from one tab to another. In addition to the tabs, you can also sort the documents as a list, with the most recent documents at the top of the list and you can also see the creation date and participants.

Contract Owerview

Bring your contract management to another level with Agrello team spaces and space templates.


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