Creating a Document for Signing

This tutorial will teach you how to create a document and get it ready to be sent for signing in Agrello.‍‍

Speed up e-signature processes with Agrello
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1. Upload new document

Go to a folder in your workspace and click on the green “Upload document” button. It will open a dialog to choose the file for signing.

You also have the option of easily uploading a document by simply dragging and dropping it into the folder.

2. Review before preparing for signing

Once you have successfully uploaded a document, a preview will be opened. The document will now be in draft phase. To proceed with the signing preparation process, click on the "Prepare for signing” button.

You can make last-minute edits directly within Agrello by clicking on the “Edit" button on the left side, which will open the built-in Word document editor.

3. Choose the output format

When you click on the “Approve for signing" button, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to select the e-signing output format.

You have two options to choose from:

  • PDF output: This is the most commonly used format for e-signing as it can be viewed by any PDF viewer.
  • ASIC container output: Although less popular, this option allows you to digitally sign multiple files of different types. Please note that opening ASIC documents later on will require special software.

You can find more information about different formats by clicking here.

4. Prepare document for signing

Here's a quick video summarizing the key steps in preparing a document for signing:

4.1. Add signers to document

To add signers to the document, simply enter their email addresses in the top-left text field.

4.2. Adding signature fields in case of PDF documents

Once you have successfully added the signer emails, you will see the signer cards displayed below the email insert box.

Upon entering the signers' emails, on a PDF document, a signature field box will automatically appear onto the document. You can then drag these boxes around to their desired place on the document.

4.3. Adding signers in case of ASIC container

In the case of an ASIC container, there is a different approach to signer management. You do not need to definer the signature fields in the document. Simply type in the signer emails and that’s it.

5. Sending for Signing

When you have finished adding signature fields and signers, click the green "Send for signing" button. This will send out invitations to all the parties you have added.

You can add a custom note, which will appear in the email invite, before you send the document out.

That's it! Your document has now been sent out for the parties to sign.

Speed up e-signature processes with Agrello
Get started

14-day free trial. No credit card needed!

Try Agrello free for 14 days

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