February 23, 2022

Qualified electronic signatures now on Agrello

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Qualified electronic signatures now on Agrello

Now more than 3 million Smart-ID and Mobile-ID users can provide qualified electronic signatures on the Agrello platform to meet the highest standards for electronic signatures in the EU.

Qualified electronic signatures have the same legal status in the EU as real handwritten signatures, according to the eIDAS Regulation. This is the highest possible legal recognition for electronic signatures.

But what makes the electronic signature a qualified electronic signature?

The qualified electronic signature is based on qualified certificates and is equipped with qualified means of signing. A qualified signing certificate guarantees that the identity of a natural person has been established during the issuing process. Qualified signing means ensure that the keys used to create the signature are under the sole control of the signer.

In order to issue qualified electronic signatures, a service provider must go through a rigorous verification process to ensure compliance with the regulation for each part of the process: Identification of the user, creation of the certificate, storage and management of the public and private keys, etc.

Agrello comes from a small digital country called Estonia - the country where everyone has a government-issued digital identity (eID), most services are available digitally, and digital signatures are more widely used than physical ink-and-paper signatures.

On smartphones, there are two recognised ways to use eID, either via Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

Smart ID is a mobile application that manages the signer's digital identity certificate and creates qualified electronic signatures.

It is available in all the Baltic states and has over 600k users in Estonia, over 1M users in Latvia, and over 1,5M users in Lithuania. Everybody who already has a Smart ID account can now use this as a method of signing on the Agrello platform. Read more about Smart ID from here and if you need guidance on how to use Smart ID on the Agrello platform, look into this support article.

Mobile ID
is available only in Estonia and Lithuania and it is a SIM card-based system that users must purchase from mobile operators. There are currently about 225k active users in Estonia.

For the Agrello platform user, adding a qualified signature is just as easy as Agrello's own signatures - you simply click the Sign button and select the signing method (either Agrello, Smart ID or Mobile ID). If you choose Mobile ID or Smart ID, you simply confirm your signature via your mobile device or in the Smart ID app.

Our goal is to help companies digitize processes and automate contracts. Adding qualified electronic signatures to our portfolio enables companies to comply with the strictest regulations for electronic signatures and build trust in digitized processes.

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