July 21, 2023

Release note: Introducing Enhanced Contract Lifecycle Management and Template Workflows

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Release note: Introducing Enhanced Contract Lifecycle Management and Template Workflows

We are thrilled to announce a major release that brings a host of updates to the Agrello platform, empowering you with advanced contract lifecycle management capabilities. This release enhances your experience and streamlines the entire contract management process.

Contract Lifecycle Updates

One of the standout features of this release is the comprehensive overhaul of the contract lifecycle states in Agrello. We have introduced a refined set of states to better align with contract lifecycle management needs:

  • Draft: Seamlessly edit your documents while in the draft stage. Our integrated Word document editor allows you to make quick text changes before initiating the signing process.
  • Approved: A new state enabling you to prepare your document for signing. Here, you can add signers and define signature fields as required.
  • Signing in Progress: The document is sent out for parties to sign. Track the progress of the signing process effortlessly within this state.
  • Active: Monitor your currently active contracts with ease, keeping a finger on the pulse of your business agreements.
  • Expired: Mark contracts as expired to maintain clarity and organization of your documents. Use filters in list views to quickly find your expired contracts.
  • Terminated: Effectively manage contracts that are no longer valid. Easily mark them as terminated for efficient record-keeping.

Enhanced Signed States

We have made significant updates to the signed state, refining the categorization for improved clarity:

  • Active: Contracts that are currently in force and contributing to your business operations.
  • Expired: Contracts that have completed their active phase and are no longer in force, but were once actively used.
  • Terminated: Contracts that have been officially marked as terminated, are no longer valid or enforceable.

Revamped Template Workflows

In addition to the above changes, we have revamped our template workflows, empowering you with two distinct template types:

  • Editable Templates: Create documents that can be edited even after their creation. Perfect for contracts that may require ongoing adjustments.
  • PDF Templates: Craft templates in PDF format, ready to be swiftly moved into the Approved state. Ideal for standardized documents that can be promptly sent for signing.

This release marks a significant leap forward in contract management, allowing you to navigate the various stages of the contract lifecycle while leveraging the efficiency of customizable templates. We are excited to empower you with these enhancements, enabling you to achieve greater control and productivity in your contract management journey.

Upgrade your Agrello experience today and unlock the full potential of contract lifecycle management.

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