June 1, 2022

Release note: PDF and ASIC document types to get the best of both sides

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Release note: PDF and ASIC document types to get the best of both sides


This release of the Agrello platform introduces the distinction between PDF documents and ASIC containers allowing users to choose whether they want to see their signed documents as PDF files or as ASIC containers. The biggest difference between those two is how the digital signatures are attached to the document.

In the case of PDF files, the digital signature is embedded straight into the code of the PDF file itself, while in the case of ASIC the digital signature and signed files are combined into a .asic file. In the case of ASIC, you can also sign multiple files with one set of digital signatures.

Both formats allow the collection of Qualified Electronic Signatures. While in the case of PDF, you can also collect Agrello’s Advanced Electronic Signatures.

Both formats support {{curly_brackets}} for dynamic fields, but PDF format allows native PDF text fields also.

Most importantly - PDF documents support placing the visual signature appearances on the file.

pdf document asic document
Supported signature methods
Agrello signatures check icon cross icon
Smart-ID signatures check icon check icon
Mobile-ID signatures check icon check icon
Supported files
Office documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PPT) check icon check icon
Other types (e.g. .zip, .png, .js etc) cross icon check icon
Multiple files in one document container cross icon check icon
Visual signatures inside document check icon cross icon
Digital signatures inside document check icon cross icon
Digital signatures in .asic container cross icon check icon
{{curly_brackets}} for fields check icon check icon
PDF-text fields check icon cross icon

What’s in it for me?

First of all, using PDF document format makes it simpler for you to define where the signature visual appearances will be. You don’t need to designate the signature places with specific {{sig_}}-tags anymore. Simply open the file in editing mode and just draw where you want to put the signatures.

Secondly, now the Qualified Electronic Signatures given with Smart-ID or Mobile-ID are also natively supported inside the PDF file. It will give you the possibility to meet the highest electronic signing standards.

Finally, if you choose ASIC document type, the signers can only sign with Qualified Electronic Signatures, so you do not need to remind your signers to choose the highest security electronic signature format.

How to prepare PDF files for signing?

When preparing the PDF document, the user can now draw the fields where the visual signature should appear. If the user does not add a visual signature field, then the invisible signature is added.

To add the signature field, switch to file editing mode and then using the Signature field tool draw the rectangle to the place where the signature should appear.

add signature

In addition, you can draw text fields, the signers can fill them.

save field

How to prepare PDF templates?

You can also prepare the templates now in PDF format. Similar to document editing you can add signature and text fields. You can also use a combination of {{curly_brackets}} and native PDF fields to prepare your PDF templates.

How to validate PDF signatures?

Validating PDF signatures is quite simple using Adobe Acrobat. All you have to do is download a signed file from Agrello, and then open it in Acrobat. Scroll down to the signature field a click on it. Acrobat then opens the signature modal that displays the information about the digital signature.

check certificate
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