October 7, 2022

Signing a document on your mobile

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Signing a document on your mobile

As signing documents digitally has become an important part of everyday business, then the ability to do it fast is crucial. Business professionals have tight schedules and may not have the time to sit down at the computer and deal with administrative tasks that take up a lot of time. When you send documents for your business partners to sign, you should also consider the fact that they would be able to get things signed conveniently and fast. This will speed up the overall contract signing process and makes it more likely, that deals get closed on time. These are the reasons why, in addition to the Agrello web application, we also offer mobile apps for iOS and Android. In this article we’ll give you a quick overview of the mobile signing options with Agrello and some other benefits that come with having the mobile app.

What types of signatures can you give on a mobile?

If you haven’t signed documents digitally on your mobile before, then first of all you may ask - is it even possible to sign an important contract or document on a mobile? The answer is - yes! Secondly, the question that might arise is whether there is a difference between a digital signature given on a mobile device or on the Agrello web browser. This time the answer is - no, both of these digital signatures have the same force.

On Agrello there are three types of signature methods. The easiest and simplest signature method we offer is Agrello’s own signature. For these electronic signatures, we make sure that the document is not changed after signing, but we do not require the signer to have the government-backed digital identity certificate in place. It is a suitable signing method for most business contracts and it is definitely the fastest way to sign the contracts.

In addition to Agrello signature, we also support document signing options with secure mobile identities provided by Mobile-ID and Smart-ID. Both of these are based on the digital identity certificates issued by the governments of the Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These signatures comply with eIDAS highest level of digital signature, the Qualified Electronic Signature and are equivalent to handwritten signatures. Read more about signing with Agrello and what it means here.

With Agrello you no longer need to sit down by a computer to get your documents signed - signing a document is available for everyone who has a mobile device and it’s easy! There are two ways to sign a document on mobile with Agrello: either you use our native mobile application or you simply log in via the mobile web browser. Both are convenient, but depending on how often you need to use Agrello or if you want to keep track of your documents, you’ll need to decide which option to use.

Signing a document on Agrello mobile app

Agrello mobile app has changed over time and has become more and more user-friendly. But the main idea of it has remained the same - getting things signed on the go with as little effort as possible. The other main bonus is keeping track of all your documents on your mobile. It’s useful for CEO’s or managers, who require an instant overview of the document status and often need to sign documents.

Even though contracts are usually prepared on the computer, it can occasionally happen, that you need to quickly draft a document on the go and on Agrello mobile app this is possible.

Signing on Agrello mobile app does not require anything other than creating a visual signature and adding your name to your profile. These steps can be completed before you sign your first document.

Agrello is essentially a password-less service. We don’t require you to remember a password, instead every time you log in to our web app, you confirm the authentication by confirming your e-mail. If you have downloaded the Agrello app, you no longer have to confirm the log in via e-mail, because you can use the mobile app for authenticating the session.

Signing a document with Agrello on mobile web browser

If you don’t need a quick overview of your documents or you don’t need to sign documents that often, then having another mobile application might not be the right solution for you. Don’t worry, you can easily sign documents from your mobile web browser - Safari or Google Chrome for mobile work as a charm. Simply go to www.agrello.io, find the sign in button and log in using your e-mail.

Just recently we released a new feature called loginless signing. This means you can sign a document without creating an account or logging into your account. This is also useful to know, if you’re inviting someone to sign - signing is easy and fast for your counter-party without the need to create an account or download the app.

Let’s sum it all up again - why should you download the Agrello mobile app?

  • Easy and fast signing from anywhere
  • Preparing documents on the go
  • Keeping track of all your documents status
  • Log in faster to Agrello web app by authenticating via mobile app

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