October 21, 2022

Signing experience just got better

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Signing experience just got better

We have introduced several improvements to make signing with Agrello better for everyone - web app users, mobile users, and even for those who are not using Agrello yet, but have received an invitation to  sign a document. Keep on reading to find out how these changes affect you and how you can benefit from them.

Collect signatures faster with login-less signing

Login-less signing may sound like the Loch Ness monster, but it’s actually nothing scary. Quite the contrary - it's the most important improvement to Agrello signing experience. The core of this change is to provide the ability to sign a document without logging in or creating an account especially for it.

This is important for you to know, if you invite someone to sign who does not use Agrello. With login-less signing you can be confident that they will not run into any issues and the document gets signed.

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After receiving a signature request and following the link to the document, the signer has an option to log in and sign or sign immediately without account creation. By choosing “sign now”, they can pick either Agrello signature, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID and proceed with adding their name and signing the document without account creation.

Add custom messages to a signature request

To make sure that your signature request does not disappear into the bottom of your recipients mailbox, we have improved the look of Agrello signature request e-mails.

  • Your name or e-mail address will be under the senders name
  • The headline of the e-mail includes the document title.
  • To avoid any confusion, there is a possibility to add a custom note explaining the content of the signature request.

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Mobile signing experience updates

Do you remember every PIN code or password that you have set on different services? Probably not. This is one of the reasons, we removed the secure 6-digit PIN code from Agrello mobile applications. Over time it also became obvious, that the additional security related to mobile PIN-code did not bring extra value to our customers. While you’re on the go, it’s important to get things signed fast and without a PIN code it’s more convenient. If you also have a mobile device attached to your account, you no longer need to confirm your signature with a mobile when you’re signing on web app.

We hope you and your business partners get things conveniently signed with Agrello!


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