The next step in document automation: Agrello in Zapier

Agrello Zapier integration allows you to connect Agrello with hundreds of tools to automate your document flows.

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Agrello's Zapier integration allows you to connect Agrello to hundreds of tools to automate your document flow.

When you digitize your document flows, you're likely to encounter a variety of different tools: Document editing in Microsoft Word, sending and sharing via email or Slack, collecting signatures in Agrello or Adobe Sign, storing and archiving in Dropbox, or Google Drive. They're all great tools in their own right, but switching back and forth between them can cause errors and cost you a lot of time.

What if there was a way to automate the processes? Data from one point, document templates from another, then approval and signature collection - all combined into one seamless process.

One option would be to hire an expensive IT consulting firm to develop a set of integrations for you. But there's also an alternative called Zapier that lets you create automations yourself without writing a single line of code.

Now you can also incorporate Agrello's platform into your automated document flows in Zapier, making contract lifecycle management even easier.

Your files to Agrello for automatic signing

You can start your automations by connecting Agrello to your environment where you host your document files. For example, if you connect a special Google Drive folder to Agrello in Zapier, you can simply skip the manual file upload to Agrello. As soon as you upload a new file to this folder, it'll be automatically copied to Agrello.

Learn about connecting Google Drive to Agrello.

Your data flows into document templates and then into signing

Copying and pasting customer data into your standard contract templates, like NDAs or T&Cs, can be time-consuming and annoying. With Agrello's Zapier integration, you can save yourself that.

Just set up a reusable template in Agrello and connect Agrello to your data source and your documents will be prepared like magic.

For example, you can connect your Google Sheet to a template in Agrello, and every time you add a new row to your spreadsheet, a new contract will be created in Agrello and ready to sign.

Learn about how to connect Google Sheets to Agrello.

You can automate it even further by having your customers fill out the necessary data using Google Forms. In this case, you don't even have to bother with spreadsheets.

Check out this guide about Google Forms on Agrello.

Keep your team on the same page

Events that happen in Agrello can be used as triggers in Zapier to get another software to do a task for you.

For example, if you integrate Agrello with Slack, you can get a quick update whenever a new document is created in Agrello.

Currently, we provide the following events to Zapier as triggers:

- A new document is created in Agrello

- A new Space is created in Agrello

- A new Template is added to Agrello

The full list of available actions, triggers, and searches can be found here.

Zapier integration

Never forget when you have to sign a monthly expense report

Zapier also lets you set up scheduled triggers. These can remind you to review documents in Agrello on a regular basis.

For example, you can set up a monthly trigger to check a specific field for a document to sign. This combination can help you check if the monthly expense report is ready to be signed.

As you can see, Zapier's possibilities are endless. You can find hundreds of tools on the website.

We're working to add more features to our Zapier integration in the near future to make your life even easier. In the meantime, try out our Zapier integration, and let's know what you think.

Speed up e-signature processes with Agrello
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14-day free trial. No credit card needed!

Try Agrello free for 14 days

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