November 25, 2022

Ways to increase SME productivity with a contract signing platform

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Ways to increase SME productivity with a contract signing platform

SMEs usually have very limited resources. The average salary is constantly increasing and hiring new employees is expensive. Therefore, it's important to optimize processes and automate manual tasks. One way is to save time on manual and repetitive tasks related to contract creation. The decision to use a contract management platform is usually made when there are many contracts and the administrative part takes a lot of time.

Large volumes of contracts that need to be prepared and signed require effective means of collaboration. At first glance, in an SME with few employees, it may seem unnecessary to have a dedicated tool for contract preparation because things can be done with fewer tools and less cost. But in this article, we present some reasons how SMEs can increase productivity by using a contract management platform.

Handle the entire contract process on one platform

It's clear that the less time a team has to spend on manual, repetitive tasks, the more time they have for more valuable tasks that will help grow the business in the long run. There are several contract management services on the market and each company should choose the one that best suits them and supports the contracting process from preparation to signing and storage.

On the Agrello platform, it's possible to optimise contract preparation by creating reusable contract templates and sharing them with the entire team. Later, all documents can be conveniently signed in the same environment with the Agrello signature, which is available to everyone, regardless of their location.

Reusable contract templates to streamline contract preparation

Microsoft Word is still the most widely used tool for contract preparation. It's a conventional method and everyone knows how to use it. Usually, there are standardised contract templates for each type of contract, but creating a new contract can still be difficult because the templates are located in different folders and need to be cleared of the previous customer data. This is the main point where unwanted human errors can occur, and it's also not the most effective solution, as it requires a lot of manual work and precision.

On Agrello there are team spaces for team collaboration and the same Word files used for contract creation can be easily converted into Agrello templates, which are basically like fillable forms and allow contract creation without leaving the web browser.

Integrate and use existing data

By connecting Agrello to all your favourite tools, you can further automate your workflows. Integrations are possible via Zapier with Pipedrive, Google Drive, Google Forms, Dropbox, Google Sheets, etc. Creating contracts can be even faster because customer data from other programs can be transferred directly into the designated fields of a template created in Agrello.

Sometimes many contracts need to be renewed at the same time and it's a waste of time to prepare them one by one. If you happen to have all your customer data in an Excel file, Agrello's bulk creation feature is very handy, because it allows you to create several pre-filled contracts at once, much faster than if you create them manually one by one.

Keep your documents in one place

In order to keep your documents organised and not waste time going through old folders looking for a suitable contract template, a convenient storage option is a must. The basis for sorting documents can be the type of contracts or by project. For example, SME's may have to deal with employment contracts, NDAs, sales contracts, etc. All these documents need to be kept for a certain period of time, and it's important to be able to see who signed the contracts and when.

Get documents signed faster

On the Agrello platform, it's possible to sign documents instantly with the Agrello signature. You only need to enter your email address and name. This way you can be sure that your business partners can also sign the document without any problems.

The Agrello platform keeps your team up to date and provides an instant overview of the contract status. The reminder feature helps you not to miss any deadline and you can remind your business partners if they haven't signed the documents on time.

The time saved from preparing and signing contracts allows the team to focus on core business activities and related tasks. In the long run, this can create more value than spending money on using a contract management platform. If your SME is interested in managing contracts more effectively, contact


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