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Electronic Signatures in Microsoft Word

Signing Word documents online is now much faster, easier and more secure using Agrello e-signing platform.

How to sign a Word document online

Upload Word document

Upload Word document

Click Create new > Document. Choose your Word file to upload and will be displayed in our document preview.

Add signature fields to Word

Add signature fields to Word

Once Word document is uploaded, simply drag and drop signature fields on it and assign them to signers by adding signer emails.

Sign Word document online

Sign Word document online

Once the Word document is ready for signing click on the Sign button and your secure digital signature will be added.
Now you can download a signed version of the file or share it over Agrello platform.

Get going with e-signing Word documents

Do you work with Microsoft Word? You, of course, do! You probably use Word document on a regular basis to create agreements, contracts, and other documents - but do you know how to add a signature in Microsoft Word Document when it comes to finalizing those documents?

Knowing how to insert signature in Word doc is essential as paperless workflows continue to replace hard-copy paperwork. Signeasy is here to help if you're looking for a simple and intuitive solution for taking your workflows online - and, realistically, we're all looking for a reason to ditch our printer and scanner. Online document signing has never been easier.

How do you electronically sign a Word document?

It's simple to electronically sign a Word document if you need to, such as a contract or sales agreement. Microsoft Word files are one of the many document types that you may upload and sign with Agrello.

Here's how to electronically sign a Word document:

Step 1. Create an Agrello account and log in.

Step 2. Click on Create New -> Document to upload the Word file.

Step 3. Add e-signature fields. Review the document, and then select Sign.

Step 4. Confirm your digital signature.

Word 2013 (Windows only), Word 2016 (Windows only), Word Online, and Word for iPad are all supported by Agrello.

Why sign Word documents online?

One of the most popular and widely used word processing programs in the world is Microsoft Word. Therefore, instead of taking a printout to sign a document and scanning it, everyone prefers to quickly and easily sign a word document online. Free online document signing for Word offers simplicity, security, and cost effectiveness in addition to time savings. Online signatures can be easily and successfully added to Word documents using Agrello.

The ability to sign papers in Word electronically creates a lot of new possibilities for both public institutions and for private businesses. Documents with electronic signatures allow:

  • complete transactions and contracts over the internet without an in-person meeting.
  • keep "papers" in electronic form.
  • operate with any devices even while on the go

Now, you may verify the paper without even being in the office. This is a practical choice with full legal validity given that representatives of various professions increasingly prefer working remotely and entrepreneurs cannot constantly be at the office.

You only need a device—a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—and internet connection. The partner can verify that you signed it by checking and verifying the document signatures online.

If you use Agrello, is your Word document secure?

Agrello has made significant investments in cyber security and complies with US, EU, and international security practices.

Can you add more fields to the Word document for signers to fill in?

You can add numerous fields to your Word document with Agrello. You can add fields for the date the document was signed, the signer's printed name, their email address, and more. Simply choose the field from the left pane and drag it into your Word document.

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