Product update: You've been invited
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Product update: You've been invited

Earlier this summer, we introduced the Spaces feature. It allows users to better organize their documents into groups. Find out what we have launched with this new product update.
September 20, 2021

With this release, we're introducing a completely revamped document and Spaces sharing system across all of our apps. It brings more security and convenience to our users when collaborating on contracts.

You've been invited to Spaces

Earlier this summer, we introduced the Spaces feature. It allows users to better organize their documents into groups. You can read more about it here.

Now you can also easily share Spaces with your colleagues and partners. Just add their email and the invitation to the Space is on its way.

With shared Spaces you can securely share all your sales contracts with the entire sales team, work contracts with your HR colleagues, subcontracts with your suppliers, etc. In our system, there are no organizational boundaries that prevent such sharing, making collaboration across company boundaries much easier.

Share securely and confidently

To make sharing more secure and avoid spamming, we introduced invitation logic. This means that access to the document or Space isn't automatic, but the invited user must accept the invitation.

To simplify the management of invitations, we introduced a new screen called Invitations.

Here you can easily see all the documents and spaces you've invitations pending. You can click on the entries and check where you've been invited. Then you can decide whether to accept or decline the invitation.

Signature certificate and audit trail

We've also improved our signature certificate. We've added more data about the signer's identity and digital fingerprints, so you can be sure that the signatures given are authentic and secure.

Overall, these improvements allow you to sign your contracts faster and more securely. In addition, sharing contract Spaces speed up internal processes, reduces digital waste, and increases transparency across your teams and organisation.

Try these features today and be one step further on your digitisation journey.

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