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More time for legal matters

Anyone who works in Legal - or has dealt with these angels on earth - knows that they’re busy. We’re here to help!

Agrello aids to reduce slow and tedious manual tasks, eliminating the need for creating contracts one by one. The legal team can create a reusable set of templates and distribute them as vetted specimens which can be easily used by other departments in the company to create contracts.
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Smart templates
Create reusable contract templates with dynamic fields for faster preparation of company contracts.
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Efficient collaboration
Organize your documents into shared folders and make them accessible to other relevant people in the company.
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Quicker preparation
Agrello platform helps to reduce the time spent on formalizing documents, thus allowing the lawyer to focus on more important legal issues.
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Clear overview
Use Agrello dashboard view and make sure that all company documents are sent out, signed or updated on time.

Less time wasted on paperwork

Employment contracts and related activities comprise a large part of the HR department's daily work.

Discover Agrello templates

Agrello templates allow legal teams and attorneys to conveniently insert fillable fields into Microsoft Word files using curly brackets. This means: There's no need to learn new complicated software. Simply upload the template to our platform and reuse it to start a new contract. Avoid sending emails back and forth for data collection - simply fill in the fields yourself or assign them to your counterparty.

Once the contracts are ready you can easily distribute them for signing on Agrello platform and keep an eye on the whole process.

Connect your favorite tools with document workflow

Every company has its own tools in place and having to learn new software often seems burdensome.

Thus it's smart to use the data you've already collected. Agrello allows you to automate company workflows by connecting Agrello with handy tools like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Dropbox, etc. This way, you can speed up the process of creating contracts even more by sending information directly from the programs in use to Agrello and thus automatically fill in the necessary fields on the contract bases.
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Benefits for legal teams

Agrello's digital contract management is designed to reduce the workload of lawyers by reducing the time spent on contract preparation. It's beneficial to legal teams that regularly draft a large number of contracts . However, we believe it's most useful for in-house lawyers who need to prepare and sign a large number of contracts.

Automating the drafting of routine contracts frees up time for lawyers so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

Agrello helps you automate the entire contract creation process - from preparing a contract to collecting signatures to storing them securely.

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Automate with your favorite tools

Here are some examples of how you could save valuable time on automating your contract signing process by connecting your favorite tools to Agrello.
Automate your flow with Agrello and Zapier integration
Connect with Pipedrive
Automate your signing process with the popular sales tool Pipedrive.
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Connect with Google Drive
Simplify contract preparation and contract storing with Google Drive automation.
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Connect with Sheets
Automate contract preparation
with Google Sheets and
save time.
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Contract signing automation is suitable for everyone

Every business has its own challenges when it comes to the digital signing process and contract management. Thanks to its versatile architecture, Agrello can be used in all kinds of industries.
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Automate Sales contracts
Learn how your sales team can benefit from Agrello by automating the signing process.
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Automate HR contracts
Discover how your HR team can simplify the signing of hundreds of employment contracts.
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Automate Legal contracts
Create simple automation to save time and avoid manual document preparation.
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