Simple DIY contract automation

You can automate your contract process without expensive CLM software suites using simple tools readily available for everyone.

How to automate contract processes?

Prepare a document template

Using Microsoft Word or Google Docs create a contract template and replace customer specific text with dynamic fields using {{curly_brackets}} 

Create a data source

Create a table of data in Excel or Sheets with field labels in 1st row and then add a row for each contract to be created.

Connect template with data

Upload your contract template to Agrello Templates and use your spreadsheet to bulk create documents or connect to Excel directly using Zapier.

Simple DIY contract automation

Implementing full-fledged enterprise-level contract management and automation system appears difficult and costly. The typical CLM (contract lifecycle management) software vendor will offer you a months-long implementation plan with 6-figure costs. 

But, you don't need all of that to get started with the contract automation using the common tools available to everyone.

The most of the benefits of automating contract processes come from using a single document template, an easy-to-use data table for each contract, and an e-signing platform that can connect your template to the data table.This way, all you need to do is to add another row to your table and the new contract is automatically created and sent for signing.

To get going you need only 4 tools:

  • Microsoft Word (or Google Docs) for template preparation
  • Google Spreadsheet for data table
  • Agrello to prepare final documents from template and data
  • Zapier to take data from Spreadsheet and push it to Agrello

These tools together will cost you less than €100 per month and you do not need to hire expensive consultants or software engineers to set everything up quickly.

We have prepared a more in-depth guide on how to set things up here.

Furthermore, using Agrello and Zapier link you can also automate what happens after the contract is signed by everyone. 

You may want to set up your CRM to “listen” to the signing events in Agrello and then move your deal further one step. You may also want to automatically download a copy of the signed document from Agrello and archive it in Google Drive or Dropbox. You can even connect your Teams account or Slack and get the notifications over them immediately now when the contract is signed.

Contract automation is not a privilege of big enterprises anymore. Everyone can do it using simple tools, readily available. So why wait? You can start cutting the costs even today.