What is contract automation?

Get your contracts flowing automatically

What is contract automation?

How to automate your contracts

Prepare a document template

Prepare a document template

Using Microsoft Word or Google Docs create a contract template and replace customer specific text with dynamic fields using {{curly_brackets}} 

Create a data source

Create a data source

Create a table of data in Excel or Sheets with field labels in 1st row and then add a row for each contract to be created.

Connect template with data

Connect template with data

Upload your contract template to Agrello Templates and use your spreadsheet to bulk create documents or connect to Excel directly using Zapier.

About contract automation

What is contract automation?

Contract automation is the online process of creating, managing, and storing legal agreements. This procedure maintains the critical link between your company and its customers. Contract automation streamlines and accelerates the legal agreement process, which is critical for efficiency and long-term upkeep.

Contract automation software guides you through the entire process, allowing you to complete contracts faster and build stronger relationships with stakeholders. By digitally streamlining the process, contracts move through the system on autopilot, creating end-to-end visibility without having to supervise each step along the way. By making negotiations quick and easy, you can now focus on collaborating with potential partners and deepening relationships with vendors, customers, and your employees. You'll also please your legal and finance departments because contract automation software allows everyone to more efficiently manage every business's risks.

Why should I automate contract management?

The daily volume of routine contracts in a rapidly expanding business affects numerous teams in various ways. In some cases, the contracting process is determined by the size of the company in question. For example, if a small startup does not yet have a dedicated function to handle these documents, the process may be run by the founders. In general, the following teams may be impacted:

  • Legal
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Procurement

They can be involved in various ways and at various times: legal typically owns the contract templates and may also have approval rights (although a particularly sensitive document may need the approval of someone specific in the leadership team). However, sales managers, finance executives, people and talent teams, and even top-level executives might need to approve the documents too.

Internal authorized signatories will then be required to sign - often the CEO, but it could also be the CFO or sales manager.

Benefits of contract automation

1) Make your company more efficient.

When you're ready to start working on a contract, there's no time to waste.

Every business owner understands that time is money, and every minute spent printing, copying, reviewing, and signing paper contracts is a minute not spent earning revenue.

2) Strengthen business relationships

Your customers' and vendors' patience will wear thin if your contracting process is inefficient and time-consuming. A smooth-running, streamlined contract automation solution, on the other hand, reduces the risk of embarrassing mistakes and shortens contract cycles. Efficiency and accuracy increase the value of your company's brand and foster trust among parties—a critical competitive advantage that fosters long-term relationships and ensures repeat business.

3) Lower your company's risk.

Removing paper documents and limiting back-and-forth significantly reduces the risk of contract completion and submission errors. You can reduce the likelihood of costly errors—or missing information—in your contracts by using auto-populated information and templates with clearly labeled required fields.

4) Open and transparent business.

The agreement details between your company and a stakeholder are easily accessible to everyone involved at any time. Your stakeholders will always know where you are in the process with end-to-end visibility.

Because all contract activities are completed on one platform, bottlenecks and delays can be easily identified and eliminated, resulting in increased real-time transparency for your team.