Bulk creation of documents

Bulk creation is handy when you have the same document template, where a few parameters change for each signer.

Whether you need thousands of customers to accept updated terms or hundreds of employees to sign off on a new employee handbook, bulk creation provides a seamless solution for companies of any size.

To better understand how you can bulk create documents from the template, let's go through an example where changes to the Employee Code of Conduct document are sent to employees for signature.

The process consists of three steps:

  1. Preparation of the document template and the Excel spreadsheet with the data.
  2. Creating a document template in Agrello
  3. Bulk creating the documents from the template


‍First, the template document must be prepared in Microsoft Word and the fields that are employee-specific can be marked as dynamic fields using {{curly_brackets}}.

document with variables

Dynamically filled fields must be entered in Word with curly brackets, for example {{employee_name}}. To avoid errors, you mustn't use punctuation or spaces in the text enclosed in parentheses.

Next, we prepare an Excel file with a list of all employees and the data to be included in the document. A separate row must be created for each employee and a column for each dynamic field.

‍The table must contain the e-mail address of the employee to whom the invitation to sign should be sent.

export table to csv for signing

Creating a document template in Agrello

1. Upload document template

‍In Agrello you can easily create a document template. You need to select the "Template" option in the "Create New" menu and then simply upload the prepared Word file.

create new

Anyone can create an Agrello account by themselves and for free. With a free account, you can create three documents per month. So, for automating larger quantities, a paid account is required.

2. Placing signature fields

Once you have uploaded the document template, place the signature fields. In the document template preview add the signature fields to the correct place - scroll to the page where the signature should be and click on the “Signature field” button on the left pane. Place the field in to correct position and click on “Save field”.

placing signature fields screen

Bulk creating documents from the template

Now you are ready to connect the Excel file and the Word template to create multiple documents for signing at once.

When you are still in the document template view click on the “Use template” button and choose “Bulk create documents”.

create bulk documents

This will open a bulk creation wizard.

Step 1. Upload Excel

Choose the Excel file with your employee records.

Note that our system allows importing 1000 rows from a single file.

bulk create documents , upload csv

Step 2. Map the signature fields

In step 2 you need to define from which Excel column we will find the employee email.

Select the correct column and click Continue.

configure step 1/3

configure step 2/3

Step 3. Fill in the data fields

In this step, you need to map available data fields in the template to the columns in Excel. This example only has one data field to be mapped - Employee name.

configure step 2/3

Click Continue to proceed.

Step 4. Document naming and destination

In the final step, we define the dynamic name of each document and destination Space in Agrello. The dynamic document name is composed of the template name + one of the data columns. For example Employee Code of Conduct - Jarmo Tuisk.

configure step 3/3

Once that is done, click Submit.

Depending on the number of rows in Excel the document creation process can take from a few seconds up to a couple of minutes. So if you do not see the documents immediately, wait a bit and then refresh the space screen.

All the documents are created as Drafts and you can safely review them before sending them off to counter-parties.

Once sent, you can track the process and completion of your documents in your document folder Progress view.

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