Creating a Document for Signing

This tutorial will teach you how to create a  document and get it ready to be sent for signing in Agrello.

1. Starting a new document

Go to a folder in your workspace and click on the green “add document” button. It will open a dialog to choose the e-signing format.


2. Choose Your File Type

Documents can be e-signed in different formats. Agrello supports two e-signing formats:

  • PDF documents
  • ASIC e-signature containers

PDF documents are the most popular format for e-signing as it works for any PDF viewer later on. ASIC e-signature container is less popular, but offers a benefit to digitally sign multiple files off different types. ASIC requires a special software to open documents later on.

2.1. Choose PDF format

To choose a PDF format for e-signing simply click on the first button in the dialog.


2.2. Choose ASIC format

To choose a ASIC format for e-signing simply click on the second button in the dialog.


3. Select a File for Uploading

You will then get a pop up of your computer files. Go ahead and choose the file you want to upload to Agrello from your computer.‍


4. Review and Edit Document

Once the document has been uploaded to Agrello, it will be in a Draft state, which enables you to review and edit it. Click on the Edit button on the upper left corner to open document editor.


In this step, you can check your document is correct. Once you’ve reviewed it, you can click the “approve for signing” button to send it to the approved for signing state, to add signers.

5. Prepare for Signing

5.1. Add Signature Fields in PDF Document

In order for the signature to appear on the PDF document, you need to add signature fields.

Scroll to the right page of the document and then click the ADD SIGNATURE FIELD button.


A blue box will then appear. This is the signature field. You can resize drag and drop  toggle around to the place you want the signature to appear.

Once you’ve placed your field in your preferred place, press SAVE FIELD.


5.2. Add Signers to PDF Document

After adding the signature field, you need to add a signer whose signature will appear on the field. Simply type in your signer email to the input field


If you’re signing the document yourself, you can use the “Add me as a signer” button to assign the field to yourself.

If you’re sending out the document to another party, you can insert the other signer's email address in the box.

5.3. Add Signers to ASIC Document

In the case of ASIC, you do not need to place signature fields, as ASIC format does not support visual signatures inside the documents. Simply type in your signer e-mails or add yourself as a signer.


Step 7. Sending for Signing

When you are finished adding signature fields and signers, press the green button SEND FOR SIGNING. The invitations will go out to all parties you’ve added.


You can add a custom note, which will appear in the email invite, before you send the document out.


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