Creating documents on web app

Getting a document signed is quite simple. It takes a mere minute to set up the document and send the signature requests out.

Before starting a new document

Before you create a document, you need to decide, whether you want your signed documents as PDF files or as ASIC containers. The biggest difference between those two is how the digital signatures are attached to the document.

In the case of PDF files, the digital signature is embedded straight into the code of the PDF file itself, while in the case of ASIC the digital signature and signed files are combined into a .asic file. In the case of ASIC, you can also sign multiple files with one set of digital signatures.

Both formats allow the collection of Qualified Electronic Signatures. While in the case of PDF, you can also collect Agrello’s Advanced Electronic Signatures.

Both formats support {{curly_brackets}} for dynamic fields, but PDF format allows native PDF text fields also.

Most importantly - PDF documents support placing the visual signature appearances on the file.

Starting a new document

  • Click on the Create new button in the upper-left corner or if this is your first document, then use the buttons in the center. Choose Document for PDF output or ASIC for ASIC container.

Creating PDF documents for signing

  • Choose a file from your computer.

  • If necessary, rename the document by clicking on the document name.
  • In order for the signature to appear on the PDF document, you need to add signature fields. This can be done by clicking on ADD SIGNATURE FIELD button.

  • This will create a placeholder for the signature (the blue box), that you can resize and toggle around to the place you want the signature to appear.
  • If the field is at the designated place, then press SAVE FIELD.

  • After adding the signature field, you also need to add a signer whose signature will appear on the field.
  • To do that, insert signer's email or add yourself as a signer by pressing Add me as signer button.

  • When you are finished adding signature fields and signers, then press green button SEND FOR SIGNING and the invitations will go out to all parties.

  • After sending for signing you cannot change the document anymore.

Creating ASIC containers for signing

Sometimes you may require qualified electronic signatures to sign the document. In this case you need to be certain, that your invited signer has SmartID or Mobile-ID that they can use for signing. 

Using ASIC container enables you to add and sign multiple documents of all file types at once.

  • If you want to add more documents, then press the + button on the document tab list.
  • Insert signer e-mails or add yourself as signer. With ASIC container there is no need to add signature fields, the signatures will be attached to the container.

  • After adding signers, press the green SEND FOR SIGNING button and invitation to sign will go out to all parties.
  • After sending for signing you cannot change the document anymore.

Adding viewers to document

​To add viewers to the document, you need to choose the participants submenu from left sidebar.

  • insert viewer email.
  • Invitation to view will go out after you press SEND FOR SINGING.