How to sign a document with Smart-ID on Agrello?

If you have Smart-ID on your mobile, then you can use it to sign documents on Agrello.

Smart-ID is a solution for personal identification used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which enables users to log in to e-services and confirm transactions and agreements on their mobile. There are two types of Smart-ID accounts - basic and qualified, depending on the level of identification. Read more about Smart-ID here -

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On Agrello you can use Smart-ID only as a method of signing and it works the same way as it normally does. You cannot log in or create an account with Smart-ID, for that you still need to create an account at Agrello.

When you start signing a document on Agrello by pressing the “Sign” button, then a dialog opens, where you can choose if you want to sign this document with Smart-ID or other signature methods. Then enter your personal ID-number and compare the codes to your mobile phone and sign.

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