How to sign a document with Smart-ID on Agrello?

If you have Smart-ID on your mobile, then you can use it to sign documents on Agrello.

SmartID is a solution for personal identification used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which enables users to log in to e-services and confirm transactions and agreements on their mobile. There are two types of SmartID accounts - basic and qualified, depending on the level of identification. Read more about SmartID here -

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On Agrello you can use SmartID only as a method of signing and it works the same way as it normally does. You cannot log in or create an account with SmartID, for that you still need to create an account at Agrello.

When you start signing a document on Agrello by pressing the “Sign” button, then a dialog opens at the right side. There you can choose if you want to sign this document with Agrello or SmartID.