Signing documents on Agrello web app

This article is meant to guide you if you have received an invitation to sign a document on Agrello.

Accepting invitation to sign

First of all you will receive an invitation to sign on your email.

Click the "Preview and Sign" button inside the e-mail.

invitation mail
  • This will lead you to the document on Agrello platform.
  • In order to sign the document you first need to press the CONTINUE button in the top right corner.
document sent for signing

Sign the document immediately or log in to your account

  • This is the moment where you can decide whether you want to log in to your account or sign the document immediately.
  • By logging in you ensure that the document will be later found under your documents.
  • If you don't have an account yet, we will create one for you in the course of logging in.
signature screen
  • Press "LOG IN AND SIGN" and enter your email.
  • You will be asked to confirm your e-mail with a 6-digit code.

check email code
  • Go to your e-mail and enter the 6-digit code manually.
confirm your mail

* If you want to sign the document immediately, then you will be directed to choosing the signature method immediately.

Signing the document

  • Next up, you will land on the document view. Whenever you are ready to sign, press the SIGN button in the upper right corner.
documents with signature fields
  • Choose the method of signing: Agrello, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID-card. Available signature methods may vary depending on the document type.
create signature

Signing with Agrello signature

  • If you choose to sign with Agrello, you can choose the visual representation of your signature. It can be a signature created with a handwritten font based on your e-mail address or display name or you can draw your signature 'by hand' with the cursor.
  • By pressing SIGN button you agree that the digital visual signature is an electronic representation of your signature for all purposes when used on the documents, including legally binding contracts.
create signature
  • Upon successful signing you will be prompted a pop-up.
great success

Signing with Mobile-ID

  • In order to sign with Mobile-ID, enter your personal ID-number and phone number.

enter details for mobile-id
  • Compare the code on the screen with your mobile device and enter your PIN2.

confirm coden

Signing with Smart-ID

  • In order to sign with Smart-ID, enter your personal ID-number.
enter phone
  • Compare the code on the screen with your mobile device and enter your PIN2.
confirm code

Downloading the document

After signing the document the signatures are visible on the left signature sidebar, but you can download it to your computer.

  • Press the DOWNLOAD button on the upper right corner.
signed document

The signatures will appear at the designated place inside the PDF.

signatures on document
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