Creating Folders

This guide outlines the steps to set up folders and subfolders on the Agrello platform. Using folders and subfolders helps you categorize contracts and templates, making it easier to collaborate with your team.

1. Navigate to the workspace menu

To access the workspace menu, simply click on the menu icon.

Click here

2. Click "Create folder"

It will show a dialog window to make a new folder.

Click 'Create folder'

3. Insert folder name

Use easy-to-understand and short names for your folders.

Insert folder name

4. Click "Create"

Click the “Create" button to continue.

Click 'Create'

5. Add subfolders

You can also add subfolders to the main folder. Click on the folder menu icon to do so.

Click here

6. Click "Create subfolder" on the menu

It will show a dialog window to make a new subfolder.

Click 'Create subfolder'

7. Insert name

Follow the same steps as previously.

Insert name

8. Click "Create"

And then click on Create button to finish.

Click 'Create'

That's it. You just created new folders and subfolders.

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