First steps in Agrello

This guide will assist you in getting started with Agrello effortlessly. It will walk you through the process of setting up your account, provide an explanation of what occurs behind the scenes (such as creating a Workspace and first folder), and give an overview of the trial period.

Account Creation

Creating an account is a simple and straightforward process. When you visit our website, click on the prominent blue button labeled "Try free for 14 days” or "Sign in" to initiate your trial.


Alternatively, you can head straight to to open our app.

Follow the steps on the screen and get your account registered in no time. You can use one of the three options to create an account:

  • Use your Google account
  • Use your Microsoft account
  • or get a one time login code to your email

How do one-time login codes work?

If you choose the one-time login code option, simply insert your email, and in a moment, you will receive an email from us with the subject ”Agrello: Validate your email". The email should appear like this:


Now, all you need to do is copy this code into the input field in the Agrello web app, which should appear like this:


Next, we will ask you to provide your contact details.


Once you have completed the necessary steps, our system will automatically create a workspace for you. This includes setting up a first folder and initiating a trial subscription.

Creating your first workspace

A new workspace will be created for you based on the company name you provided.

You will be designated as the owner of this workspace.

Creating the first folder

We will automatically create the first folder for you, allowing you to begin uploading your documents for signing right away.


Starting a trial

Simultaneously, we will activate a 14-day free trial period for you. Throughout this period, you can create and sign documents at no cost and explore the capabilities of our system.

Please note that no credit card is required for trying out Agrello.


Ending a trial and starting subscription

To end the trial period and initiate a subscription, go to the Subscription screen. You can do this by either clicking on the trial banner next to your name in the top toolbar or by clicking on your workspace name in the left navigation pane and then selecting Subscription.

On the Subscription screen, click on "Upgrade now" to enter your credit card details and activate your subscription.


Once you have successfully entered your credit card information, we will proceed to bill your credit card for the first month of your subscription.


Trial ended automatically, what happens now?

If you have not added a credit card, your trial will automatically end after 14 days.

We will securely store your documents for a period of 12 months, and you can activate the subscription at any time.

To proceed, simply follow the steps mentioned above to add a valid credit card.


How to cancel trial early and delete account?

In case you want to end trial early and delete your account, simply navigate to My account screen and click on the “Delete account” button.

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